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BP settlement developments | BP continues to fight BP claims

BP Settlement Court Filings Seek to Evade Obligations BP Assumed in BP’s Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Settlement

BP continues to air television commercials bragging on their commitment to the Gulf coast, while at the same time, trying to renege on the promisees it agreed to in writing just this past fall.

BP signed a settlement agreement which included all businesses in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and much of Florida, no matter how far those businesses were located from the Gulf Coast. BP was so anxious to avoid a just trial that it said businesses could collect even if they weren’t involved in tourism or the seafood industry. The businesses didn’t even have to prove that they lost money due to the BP oil spill.

BP recognizes that its oil spill devastated the economies of the Gulf Coast states, and injured businesses that could never prove their losses were caused by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Last fall, BP was willing to sign a class action settlement agreement which said it would pay BP claims to businesses all over the state based on simple revenue formulas.

Basically, if you lost revenues during the oil spill in 2010, and regained your revenues in 2010, you might be covered by the BP settlement. (There are a few technicalities I’m not covering in this short post, but the test allowed many North Alabama businesses to qualify for BP claims from the BP settlement without having to prove the oil spill caused their losses).

But now that BP has avoided a jury trial of the class action, it is filing repeated court motions and lawsuits trying to avoid its responsibility for paying BP claims. I’ve written a more detailed post at saying BP is reprehensible.

If you operate a business in Alabama, I recommend you read the opinion article about the BP Settlement.

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