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Social Media For Law Firms Engaged in Mass Tort Legal Marketing

Social Media for Law Firms

Social media has become “the next big thing” for those of us involved in Internet legal marketing. Because most attorneys are late adapters, there aren’t a lot of law firms getting clients from social media. When law firms do use social networks, it’s deemed worthy of a Wall Street Journal article. But I believe I can show you how social media for law firms can be used in a mass tort marketing campaign.

I’ve used the Internet for legal marketing in mass tort cases for over 10 years, and I’ve used online video as part of my legal marketing for 2 years. But I didn’t add Twitter and Facebook to my toolbox until the last year. It’s one thing to read books about social media marketing; it’s another to actually do it. Most of the really valuable experience I’ve gotten with social media has come in the last 7 weeks as I’ve blogged, Tweeted and used Facebook to interact with people about the Gulf oil spill.

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Should lawyers switch from PCs to Macs?

I’ll begin this post by admitting I’m a Mac addict. I switched to a Macbook Pro as my primary computer over a year ago, and I hope I never have to use a PC again. The best thing about my Mac is that 99% of the time it just works. The long hours I used to spend on the phone with tech support have been eliminated. [Read more…]

Two-thirds of prospective clients reportedly begin their search online.

According to a February 16, 2009 article, almost two-thirds of potential clients begin their search for a lawyer online. The article doesn’t cite the source for that statistic, but even without a source, I’m convinced that many (if not most) clients begin their search for a lawyer online. One subscription service that provides keyword information (and which shall remain nameless here) says that the top 300 searches for the terms “lawyer” or “attorney” generate over 46,000 searches per day. I’m convinced the number would be even higher if you could capture all attorney/lawyer searches (the subscription service I used stopped at 300 searches for “lawyer” and 300 searches for “attorney”). The point of all this is that lawyers, even sole practitioners, need websites. [Read more…]

Attorney Advertising

No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers. The hiring of a law firm is a serious decision that should not be based on advertising alone.