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Michael J. Evans, Attorney, Professional/Business Update July 2016


A lot has been happening since I last spent time blogging about legal subjects.

In 2015 I began splitting my work time between legal projects such as and more entrepreneurial projects involving Internet technology, mobile applications, and digital communications. I’ve actually been spending time in both areas since I put up my first website in 2000, but now I’ve formalized it more by creating a limited liability company to handle the tech projects. American Legal Alliance, LLC (“ALA”) will continue handling legal matters. CoLawborate, LLC(SM) will handle mobile app and legal tech development.

The planned addition of at least 1,000 lawyers nationwide to our ALA lawyer network has taken longer than anticipated, but is still in development.

I have stopped blogging here for a period of time in order to use time that would have been spent blogging on my current projects.  Given the fact that I enjoy blogging and this domain has my name on it, I plan to keep this  domain and resume blogging when my other work permits.

In August 2013 I stopped blogging at about legal marketing ethics, best practices and technology. I enjoyed keeping lawyers up-to-date with trends in online attorney marketing, including ethics issues, but I became too busy to continue updating the website. At the time the site was active, it got a lot of traffic and ranked high in Google for the search term “attorney marketing.” I decided in 2013 that it would probably be a good idea to sell the domain to a legal marketing company and focus my efforts elsewhere. I am just now getting around to putting the website up for sale.

I plan to list the website for sale on If you’re spending marketing dollars on Google AdWords to get potential clicks for the search term “attorney marketing,” or if you’re spending time and money on SEO trying to rank high in Google for that term, you may be able to save money and get more traffic by buying the website that has “attorney marketing” as the first two words in the domain name.

I urge legal marketers to consider bidding on the website.. The site doesn’t rank highly in Google now, in July, 2016, but that’s because I haven’t added content or done anything else with the site for 3 years (August 2013). really is a golden opportunity for the right legal marketer.

If you are interested in collaborating or partnering with me on a current legal, mobile app or digital communications project, or if you wish to contact me about buying before it appears for sale at Flippa, you may email me at  enable javascript

For those of you who have followed this blog and who are familiar with my work and projects, many of you have worked with me before. I plan to be adding a few additional members to my projects. If you’re interested in the ALA project, or mobile app development and other new technologies, I have some time before August 1, 2016 to talk or correspond with interested lawyers, others in the fields of technology or entrepreneurship who have the skills to innovate in the field of mobile apps and digital communications, and potential qualified investors. This is not a public offering and no securities are registered or currently expected to be sold.

I can be contacted by email at  enable javascript . Please explain the nature of your interest in your email.

I hope your have a productive and happy 2016.

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No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers. The hiring of a law firm is a serious decision that should not be based on advertising alone.