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Mesothelioma leads the list


A site named ask in wiki claims to have a list of the top 777 paying keywords from 2008. I don’t know if it’s accurate, but if it is, it’s interesting to see how many of the top keywords are related to personal-injury litigation. Mesothelioma lawsuits are especially sought-after, with bids starting at more than $85.00.

Below is a list of their top 200 terms:
mesothelioma attorney utah    $87.43
asbestos attorney washington    $80.79
asbestos attorney illinois    $79.75
mesothelioma attorney rhode island    $73.66
mesothelioma attorney south dakota    $72.13
mesothelioma attorney tennessee    $69.29
asbestos attorney ohio    $67.75
mesothelioma attorney wisconsin    $67.59
mesothelioma attorney minneapolis    $67.30
mesothelioma lawyer georgia    $66.60
mesothelioma attorney illinois    $66.60
mesothelioma attorney vermont    $65.54
mesothelioma attorney virginia    $63.23
mesothelioma lawyer tennessee    $61.62
asbestos colorado springs    $61.17
mesothelioma lawyer illinois    $60.97
asbestos attorney florida    $60.17
mesothelioma attorney california    $59.87
mesothelioma attorney oklahoma    $59.29
mesothelioma attorney los angeles    $59.28
mesothelioma attorney ohio    $59.10
mesothelioma attorney washington    $58.56
mesothelioma attorney pennsylvania    $58.13
mesothelioma lawyer washington    $57.81
mesothelioma attorney connecticut    $57.71
mesothelioma attorney alabama    $56.75
mesothelioma lawyer alabama    $56.69
mesothelioma lawyer rhode island    $55.40
mesothelioma lawyer hawaii    $55.11
mesothelioma attorney wyoming    $54.65
mesothelioma attorney maryland    $54.40
mesothelioma lawyer connecticut    $53.92
laser hair removal in new york city    $53.75
mesothelioma lawyer oregon    $53.66
mesothelioma attorney oregon    $53.32
mesothelioma attorney arizona    $53.00
mesothelioma lawyer new york    $52.58
mesothelioma attorney minnesota    $52.58
mesothelioma lawyer wisconsin    $52.55
mesothelioma attorney delaware    $52.28
mesothelioma lawyer arkansas    $51.92
mesothelioma attorney georgia    $51.81
mesothelioma lawyer ohio    $51.71
mesothelioma attorney nevada    $51.44
mesothelioma lawyer alaska    $50.96
mesothelioma    $50.44
mesothelioma attorneys    $49.69
mesothelioma lawyer colorado    $49.38
mesothelioma lawyer minnesota    $49.32
mesothelioma lawyer florida    $49.19
houston asbestos attorney    $49.18
life insurance affordable term life insurance quote    $49.13
mesothelioma article    $49.08
mesothelioma attorney austin    $48.76
mesothelioma attorney florida    $48.30
mesothelioma attorney colorado    $48.12
mesothelioma survival    $48.02
mesothelioma treatments    $47.61
mesothelioma attorney massachusetts    $47.45
mesothelioma lawyer missouri    $47.35
malignant pleural mesothelioma    $47.27
mesothelioma attorney mississippi    $47.04
mesothelioma attorney    $47.03
mesothelioma lawyer virginia    $46.48
mesothelioma info    $46.34
mesothelioma attorney hawaii    $45.55
mesothelioma lawyer idaho    $45.19
mesothelioma treatment    $45.19
mesothelioma attorney missouri    $45.11
mesothelioma lawyer dallas    $44.52
malignant mesothelioma    $44.12
mesothelioma attorney kentucky    $44.11
mesothelioma attorney dallas    $43.83
mesothelioma attorney michigan    $43.45
mesothelioma asbestos attorney    $43.13
mesothelioma lawyer delaware    $42.40
mesothelioma lawyer south dakota    $42.10
mesothelioma lawsuits    $41.94
mesothelioma lawyer maryland    $41.91
hair removal in manhattan    $41.69
mesothelioma information    $41.66
mesothelioma lawyer mississippi    $41.54
laser hair removal in manhattan    $41.39
mesothelioma lawyer    $41.38
california mesothelioma lawyer    $41.20
hair removal in new york city    $41.08
mesothelioma attorney nebraska    $41.03
mesothelioma attorney idaho    $40.69
mesothelioma lawyer vermont    $40.31
mesothelioma lawyer michigan    $40.30
asbestos tucson    $40.29
laser hair removal in new york    $40.18
mesothelioma attorney north dakota    $40.13
asbestos mesothelioma    $39.23
mesothelioma attorney kansas    $39.12
student loan consolidation    $38.96
mesothelioma attorney arkansas    $38.94
mesothelioma attorney alaska    $38.81
mesothelioma exposure    $38.06
asbestos attorney maryland    $38.02
mesothelioma lawyers    $38.01
mesothelioma lawyer arizona    $37.73
mesothelioma lawyer nebraska    $37.68
mesothelioma lawyer massachusetts    $37.59
washington term life insurance    $37.41
online life insurance quotes    $37.30
delaware term life insurance    $37.05
consolidate loans    $37.04
mesothelioma lawyer boston    $36.84
life insurance quotes    $36.68
affordable term life insurance quote    $36.33
asbestos attorney mesothelioma austin    $35.84
mesothelioma attorney montana    $35.60
term life insurance quotes    $35.57
refinance loan bank    $35.54
asbestos exposure mesothelioma    $35.39
asbestos lawyer mesothelioma    $34.62
oklahoma term life insurance    $34.50
laser hair removal in ny    $34.33
oregon plastic surgery    $34.13
hair removal in new york    $33.98
approved loan mortgage pre    $33.62
mesothelioma lawyer wyoming    $33.46
mesothelioma lawyer oklahoma    $32.98
mesothelioma lawyer kansas    $32.98
laser hair removal in chicago    $32.80
mesothelioma lawyer iowa    $32.78
laser hair removal in nyc    $32.75
mesothelioma lawyer utah    $32.28
mesothelioma attorney chicago    $31.94
asbestos attorney chicago    $31.38
bakersfield plastic surgery    $31.03
hair removal in nyc    $30.35
hair removal in ny    $29.70
asbestos richmond    $29.63
consolidation loans    $28.88
chicago laser hair removal cost    $28.87
south dakota term life insurance    $28.39
laser hair removal nyc    $28.35
laser hair removal ny    $28.28
term life insurance    $28.08
laser hair removal nj    $28.00
mesothelioma lawyer nevada    $27.98
asbestos attorney mesothelioma alaska    $27.80
laser hair removal new york city    $27.73
online loan mortgage refinance    $27.48
syracuse laser hair removal    $27.47
mortgage refinance debt consolidation    $27.30
term life insurance quote    $27.10
best term life insurance    $27.09
mesothelioma lawyer austin    $26.64
hair removal nyc    $26.26
consolidation loan    $26.25
asbestos attorney mesothelioma alabama    $26.23
term life insurance quote online    $25.70
affordable term life insurance    $25.38
mesothelioma lawyer montana    $25.31
best life insurance    $25.25
laser hair removal manhattan    $25.01
life insurance quote    $24.87
debt consolidation loans    $24.81
montana term life insurance    $24.66
online loan refinancing    $24.61
laser hair removal new york    $24.32
illinois term life insurance    $24.05
hair removal manhattan    $23.64
mesothelioma lawyer kentucky    $23.57
hair removal ny    $23.42
term life insurance policy    $22.91
laser hair removal atlanta georgia    $22.82
life insurance online    $22.74
term life insurance online    $22.68
permanent hair removal ny    $22.54
refinance mortgage il    $22.54
chicago laser hair removal    $22.35
hair removal new york city    $22.33
laser hair removal in illinois    $22.20
hawaii term life insurance    $22.01
loan refinance loan    $21.99
michigan refinance loan    $21.95
whole life insurance quotes    $21.40
mesothelioma lawyer albuquerque    $21.12
maine term life insurance    $20.86
asbestos attorney mesothelioma dallas    $20.82
hair removal new york    $20.71
hair removal chicago    $20.14
teeth whitening philadelphia    $19.99
teeth whitening san diego    $19.97
mesothelioma lawyer chicago    $19.52
nyc plastic surgery    $19.51
louisiana term life insurance    $19.14
albany laser hair removal    $19.07
laser hair removal staten island    $18.87
palm beach plastic surgery    $18.77
laser hair removal illinois    $18.60
refinance loan virginia    $18.34
laser hair removal atlanta    $18.23
student loan    $18.21
laser hair removal in miami    $18.04
permanent hair removal nyc    $17.94
rochester laser hair removal    $17.67
whole life insurance quote    $17.59
atlanta hair removal    $17.55
mo mortgage loan    $17.50
term life insurance company    $17.39
life insurance    $17.33
whole life insurance    $17.22
term life insurance whole    $17.21
debt consolidation loan    $16.98
debt consolidation credit cards    $16.86
buy term life insurance    $16.75
government loans debt consolidation    $16.72
ohio consolidation loan    $16.59
rochester ny laser hair removal    $16.55
arkansas term life insurance    $16.25
alabama term life insurance    $16.17
mesothelioma attorney iowa    $16.08
or term life insurance    $16.07
laser hair removal philadelphia    $15.83
permanent hair removal new york    $15.80
life insurance policies    $15.68
senior term life insurance    $15.62
wyoming term life insurance    $15.60
asbestos raleigh    $15.59
laser hair removal in philadelphia    $15.20
credit card consolidation loans    $15.10
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permanent hair removal new york city    $14.95
teeth whitening boston    $14.78
oregon term life insurance    $14.60
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laser hair removal in san diego    $14.23
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unsecured loan homeowner    $13.98
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laser hair removal in georgia    $13.72
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credit cards consolidation    $13.45
laser hair removal in boston    $13.37
facial hair removal ny    $13.33
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philadelphia laser tooth whitening    $13.21
crest tooth whitening strip    $13.10
buffalo laser hair removal    $13.03
teeth whitening chicago    $12.92
teeth whitening denver    $12.78
portland plastic surgery    $12.70
military loans    $12.66
oklahoma life insurance    $12.62
laser hair removal in connecticut    $12.59
life insurance companies    $12.51
delaware life insurance    $12.47
mn laser hair removal    $12.43
unsecured loan debt consolidation    $12.41
montana life insurance    $12.39
bad credit loan rates    $12.29
laser hair removal boston    $12.22
loans    $12.17
ok life insurance    $12.13
credit card debt consolidation loan    $12.06
laser hair removal manhattan beach    $12.04
de life insurance    $12.00
laser hair removal san diego    $11.96
manchester laser hair removal    $11.96
laser hair removal for men    $11.93
laser hair removal boston ma    $11.93
laser hair removal connecticut    $11.78
teeth whitening nyc    $11.73
baltimore laser hair removal    $11.72
credit card debt loan    $11.71
minneapolis cosmetic surgery    $11.69
nv life insurance    $11.68
credit card debt consolidation loans    $11.54
south dakota life insurance    $11.49
teeth whitening austin    $11.41
laser hair removal back    $11.41
laser hair removal in massachusetts    $11.34
credit consolidation loans    $11.32
miami laser hair removal    $11.32
baltimore cosmetic surgery    $11.29
maryland laser hair removal    $11.26
accidental life insurance    $11.19
worcester laser hair removal    $11.18
teeth whitening los angeles    $11.09
college loans    $11.08
laser hair removal school    $11.05
mens laser hair removal    $11.03
plastic surgery ny    $11.01
tooth whitening austin    $11.00
arkansas life insurance    $10.99
providence laser hair removal    $10.93
teeth whitening san jose    $10.88
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maryland laser facial hair removal    $10.82
tooth whitening san diego    $10.82
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bad credit debt consolidation loan    $10.71
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teeth whitening atlanta    $10.68
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laser hair removal in dc    $10.58
laser tooth whitening new york    $10.54
laser hair removal in minnesota    $10.52
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banner life insurance    $9.99
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bad credit debt consolidation loans    $9.95
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laser hair removal dc    $9.87
nm life insurance    $9.86
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tooth whitening manhattan    $9.73
laser hair removal minneapolis    $9.73
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hair removal laser surgery    $9.27
laser hair removal centers    $9.26
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dentist tooth whitening    $9.04
wv life insurance    $9.01
or life insurance    $9.00
md laser hair removal    $8.96
washington dc permanent hair removal    $8.94
new york facial plastic surgery    $8.88
tooth whitening los angeles    $8.85
laser hair removal utah    $8.84
laser hair removal arlington    $8.84
philadelphia cosmetic surgery    $8.83
tooth whitening san francisco    $8.82
sd life insurance    $8.80
washington plastic surgery    $8.77
tooth whitening dallas    $8.76
riverside life insurance    $8.72
laser hair removal prices    $8.70
beverly hills laser hair removal    $8.69
ar life insurance    $8.68
plastic surgery new york    $8.64
laser hair removal    $8.62
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laser hair removal in denver    $8.53
teeth whitening san francisco    $8.51
teeth whitening washington dc    $8.46
facial laser hair removal    $8.39
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laser hair removal in utah    $7.89
ri laser hair removal    $7.85
laser hair removal nashville    $7.80
laser hair removal houston texas    $7.79
protective life insurance    $7.75
back hair removal    $7.73
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charlotte cosmetic surgery    $7.59
maryland plastic surgery    $7.57
dallas life insurance    $7.54
teeth whitening    $7.50
tooth whitening san jose    $7.50
charleston laser hair removal    $7.49
one hour whitening    $7.48
laser hair removal in dallas    $7.48
mortgage loan pa    $7.48
laser hair removal san francisco    $7.44
teeth whitening manhattan    $7.44
laser hair removal in orlando    $7.32
tooth whitening houston    $7.28
washington dc laser hair removal    $7.24
minneapolis plastic surgery    $7.22
denver plastic surgery    $7.21
wi laser hair removal    $7.21
laser hair removal cost    $7.19
laser hair removal portland    $7.18
chicago student loan    $7.14
laser hair removal clinics    $7.13
laser hair removal in arizona    $7.11
hair removal washington dc    $7.10
best laser hair removal    $7.05
laser hair removal in san francisco    $7.05
me laser hair removal    $7.04
laser for hair removal    $7.01
professional teeth whitening    $7.01
teeth cosmetic surgery    $6.95
wiki software hosting    $6.92
bad credit loan apply    $6.89
laser hair removal michigan    $6.88
teeth whitening dallas    $6.86
baltimore plastic surgery    $6.85
colorado plastic surgery    $6.82
laser hair removal jacksonville    $6.78
denver laser hair removal    $6.76
miami plastic surgery    $6.75
laser treatment for hair removal    $6.68
arkansas laser hair removal    $6.68
electrolysis laser hair removal    $6.65
plastic surgery doctors    $6.63
laser hair removal fort worth    $6.63
annapolis laser hair removal    $6.62
laser hair removal costs    $6.61
la plastic surgery    $6.60
tooth whitening    $6.56
nashville cosmetic surgery    $6.55
laser hair removal treatment    $6.55
dallas plastic surgery    $6.54
dc life insurance    $6.52
seattle laser hair removal    $6.52
teeth whitening systems    $6.49
jackson laser hair removal    $6.42
laser hair removal arizona    $6.42
pittsburgh laser hair removal    $6.41
whiting teeth    $6.40
nm laser hair removal    $6.36
philadelphia plastic surgery    $6.28
top paying adwords    $6.28
laser hair removal texas    $6.25
laser hair removal clinic    $6.25
cosmetic hair removal    $6.23
houston plastic surgery    $6.22
teeth whitening treatment    $6.21
laser hair removal in washington dc    $6.16
hair removal    $6.14
laser hair removal in seattle    $6.12
laser hair removal denver colorado    $6.09
cambridge laser hair removal    $6.09
laser hair removal san antonio    $6.08
whitening    $6.05
laser hair removal cincinnati    $6.02
pittsburgh cosmetic surgery    $6.02
lincoln laser hair removal    $6.01
new hampshire laser hair removal    $5.95
laser hair removal in kansas city    $5.92
teeth whitening hollywood    $5.92
minneapolis surgery    $5.92
cleveland cosmetic surgery    $5.91
rhode island laser hair removal    $5.90
philadelphia laser treatment    $5.89
maine laser hair removal    $5.87
teeth whitening treatments    $5.87
chicago plastic surgery    $5.87
teeth whitening bleaching    $5.86
laser hair removal orlando    $5.84
pittsburgh surgery    $5.84
oregon laser hair removal    $5.84

I question whether the list is accurate, at least in some geographical markets, because some firms advertising regionally for “personal injury attorney” or “DUI attorney” have reported paying more than the $5.84 that this list says is the 500th most expensive keyword at $5.84. But even if the list isn’t entirely accurate, I thought it was interesting, nonetheless.

About Michael J. Evans

Michael J. Evans is a personal injury lawyer who represents people with claims involving defective medicine or medical devices, other defective products that cause serious injury or death, and environmental cases. Evans also handles whistleblower lawsuits in which employees, or former employees, expose fraud or other illegal conduct by the corporation for which they work(ed), Evans organizes litigation groups of plaintiffs law firms to work with him on these cases nationwide. Evans uses social media, blogs, online video, mobile apps and traditional media to connect with clients, and help other prominent law firms connect with clients.. Evans is also an advocate for the rights of consumers. His primary areas of legal practice are mass torts, and advising law firms on the ethical rules and law governing legal marketing via the Internet and social media.

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