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My favorite project right now is, which I am developing as a news site after having spent decades representing plaintiffs. I firmly believe that huge corporations (who often find themselves as defendants in lawsuits) have funneled money into “think tanks” and the Chamber of Commerce to fund a decades-long attack on trial lawyers. I call this campaign “high-tech, high-priced jury tampering.” This unrelenting campaign has been so effective that people in some states have voted to give away their own Constitutional rights under the guise of “tort reform,” and some professional organizations have changed their names to get rid of the words “trial lawyers.” I still believe that it’s an honorable thing to represent individuals who have been injured or wronged by huge corporations.

That’s one of the reasons I’m interested in developing My vision for ConsumerNews is to build a reliable news site that will take an openly pro-consumer approach to reporting the news. Does this mean that the facts will be twisted to create pro-consumer news articles? Not at all. But it does mean that the articles will be factual, will be chosen to coincide with the concerns of individual consumers (including concerns that go beyond legal issues), and we will have no apologists standing ready to write an article justifying anything corporate America wishes to do. The plain, unvarnished truth is what is needed. As the masthead of the old Rocky Mountain News said: “Give light, and the people will find their own way.”

I’m learning that getting the bugs out of a substantial website can take longer than expected. In any event, we continue to make progress (though slower than we would like) and will announce the launch (when it comes) on this site.

About Michael J. Evans

Michael J. Evans is a personal injury lawyer who represents people with claims involving defective medicine or medical devices, other defective products that cause serious injury or death, and environmental cases. Evans also handles whistleblower lawsuits in which employees, or former employees, expose fraud or other illegal conduct by the corporation for which they work(ed), Evans organizes litigation groups of plaintiffs law firms to work with him on these cases nationwide. Evans uses social media, blogs, online video, mobile apps and traditional media to connect with clients, and help other prominent law firms connect with clients.. Evans is also an advocate for the rights of consumers. His primary areas of legal practice are mass torts, and advising law firms on the ethical rules and law governing legal marketing via the Internet and social media.

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