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Oil Spill Attorneys Argue Venue of Oil Spill Lawsuits

The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) held a hearing in Boise, Idaho, on July 29, 2010, to determine whether the Deepwater Horizon oil spill cases in federal court should all be consolidated and, if so, which court should handle the cases. There are over 300 cases currently pending in federal courts, with over 250 of them filed as putative class actions. Over 200 attorneys were at the hearing today.

The most entertaining speaker may have been New Orleans mass tort litigator Russ Herman, who told the court:

“Our culture rises as a gumbo of Cajuns, Creole, French, German and Spanish,” he said. “All of that is threatened now. This disaster threatens our hope and faith. That’s why New Orleans is the best avenue of justice.”

“We rise out of our myth, our metaphor, our mystery, our seafood and our music, which now is threatened, and the threat of our culture threatens our hope and our faith. You have an opportunity to focus the world on this country, on this disaster, so it won’t happen again. Assist us in our resliiency.”

For more quotes from and about today’s hearing, check out my oil spill attorneys post at

President Obama Gets $20 Billion Escrow Fund From BP

The oil spill claims process may improve after the announcement today that BP will deposit $20 billion into an escrow fund to pay people who have been financially damaged by the Gulf oil spill. The establishment of the escrow fund was announced after BP’s Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg, CEO Tony Hayward, and other company executives met with President Obama and other administration officials. The White House blog gives an account of the meeting. We’ve got a more in-depth look at the BP oil spill escrow fund at

Using Social Media to Engage in the BP Oil Spill Discussion

Social media and the gulf oil spill

I’m writing this for people who may be interested in the use of social media to “cover” a disaster such as the Gulf oil spill. For those of you who tend to “bounce” from one website to another, here are links to the BP Oil News blog, BP Oil News Twitter feed, BP Oil News Facebook fan page, and BP Oil News Group discussed in this article.  Also, a warning: the next paragraph of this post contains a little personal history which some may find boring. For pure social media talk, skip to the third paragraph. [Read more…]

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