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Michael J. Evans, Lawyer & CEO of American Legal Alliance, On Gun Control

I think I should first point out that this is simply my personal opinion. It is not the position of the American Legal Alliance. We have lawyers affiliated with the American Legal Alliance who are anti-gun control, pro-gun control, and somewhere in the middle. This is simply my personal story and my personal opinion.

I grew up in rural Alabama hunting animals with guns, and I’ve owned guns my whole life. Many years ago I stopped hunting because, frankly, it made me sad when an animal died. I loved everything else about the hunt, and hunting is a sport with much to love. But, even as a teenager, I would feel a slight tweak of sadness whenever the animal I shot shuddered and died. I told myself to toughen up and continued hunting until middle age, but I finally gave the hobby up.  Even after I quit hunting, I continued to own guns for personal protection.

Before I started the American Legal Alliance in 2000, I was a lawyer for people who had been injured or defrauded by corporate wrongdoing. During the 1990s, a defendant I had sued made a credible threat to sneak up on me and slit my throat before I could do anything about it. This man had served time in prison for assault with intent to kill, and he was out on bond for breaking into his current wife’s house to try to kill her. I confirmed these facts with the local authorities, and was told that there was really no practical way to prevent him from making good on his threat to cut my throat.

At the time, my 17-month=old son had recently died in an accident. My wife and daughters were going through the most heart-wrenching, depressing period of their lives. I reflected on the thug who threatened my life and (I distinctly remember this thought), concluded, “My wife and daughters have been through too much grief for some idiot to kill their Daddy.” I went and bought a 9-millimeter Glock semiautomatic pistol, along with a smaller pistol to serve as a backup weapon.

I carried two pistols with me everywhere I went for two years; until the man who swore he would kill me was no longer a threat. I can’t speak for everyone who carries a pistol for personal protection, but I can speak for me. And I will tell you this, carrying a gun and being prepared to kill a man (even under justifiable circumstances) changed me.

While and after carrying a gun I became less concerned about the widespread availability of guns in our country. I took it for granted that everyone in this country had a right to carry a gun, and I believed this would and should never change.

But over the years my opinions about guns have changed again. One reason is that I enjoyed watching the second Iraq war on TV, and the violence didn’t bother me. After watching the war nearly around the clock, I was so accustomed to seeing live violence on television in my den that it seemed as if I had walked into my den as one man and walked out as another–a man who no longer felt the same love for humanity. I found that I could not pray for weeks. I finally realized that I needed to repent of my enjoyment of the violence and my disregard for the innocent lives lost as we advanced on Baghdad. Pastor Brian Zahnd has written an excellent book about Christians and violence called, “A Farewell to Mars: An Evangelical Pastor’s Journey Toward the Biblical Gospel of Peace.” I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to think about Second Amendment issues from the standpoint of Christianity.

Another thing changed my opinion about guns. I read that, statistically, guns in the home cause more deaths from accidents and suicides than they result in self-defense killings. After reflecting on this, I rounded up all the guns in my house and took them to one of my brothers-in-law who was in law enforcement and asked if he would keep them in his gun safe for me. He has had custody of my guns since that time.

Now I want to make the point that caused me to start this blog post. I saw one of the TV “experts” on CNN recently saying that we can only reduce the number of guns in this country if we authorize much tougher policing. He said we would need to use “stop and frisk” to take guns away from people. He would be correct if we wanted to reduce the number of guns in this country by the end of 2015. But we probably can’t reduce the number of guns by the end of 2015 to make a significant difference in gun violence this year no matter how many people we stop and frisk.

This country has been around more than 200 years, and I figure we will probably be around for a lot longer. Now, at the age of 63 with seven small grandchildren, I’m starting to think about the kind of country this will be in twenty, thirty and forty years. If we restrict gun sales and put reasonable gun laws in place, we may not be able to see an immediate reduction in the number of gun crimes. But we can do a lot to reduce gun violence in twenty years if we begin now to take reasonable steps to reduce gun ownership. We should do it for our children and our grandchildren.

The pro-gun lobby loves to argue that, because we can’t reduce the number of guns in America, the solution is to sell more guns so that people can defend themselves. This argument has the advantage of increasing the gun lobby’s business, but it makes no sense if you’re willing to take the long view for America. We can, and we should, begin reducing the number of guns so our children and grandchildren will live in a safer world.

Michael J. Evans
Lawyer and CEO
American Legal Alliance, LLC

Michael J. Evans, a Birmingham, Alabama, changes name & focus of blog.

You may have noticed that I made a slight change in the name of my blog. My subjects are no longer limited to law, marketing and technology. I’ve found recently that there are other topics that inspire a blog article, but I’ve had nowhere to put it. So I’ve added the words “and more” to my blog, so now you are likely to find all sorts of articles here, in addition to traditional blog posts about law, marketing and technology.

I’ve already posted one article that has nothing ot do with my traditional topics. A Facebook friend asked why I ridiculed Donald Trump’s poll numbers. My answer was too long for a Facebook reply, so I posted the article here July 15, 2015.

Some things that interest me are the startup economy, politics, religion, the future, economics and history. So don’t be surprised by what you may find the next time you happen upon my blog.

57% of Republicans have a favorable view of Donald Trump

I saw a post on Facebook that said 57% of Republicans have a favorable view of Donald Trump. I responded by posting this somewhat tongue-in-cheek comment: “What is the cause of this sort of mindlessness? Is it poor schools, fluoride in the water, the mindless mulch that is network TV? What is the problem, and what can be done? Is reverse Darwinism driving us toward extinction?”

One of my Facebook friends posted a reply to my comment, asking: “What are your complaints against trump other than republican views? He made an ill-phrased remark that folks are calling racist but i really don’t believe he is. He is brash and arrogant but that describes a pot of republicans and democrats. I doubt he is qualified to be president but neither was pres obama?”

The answer to my friend’s question is far too long to post as a comment on Facebook, so I’m going to answer it here.

What are my complaints against Donald Trump?

First, with regard to Donald Trump’s qualifications to be President, he has none. He has never served in politics, so we would be swearing a novice into the world’s most powerful office. None of his experience is of the type to transfer to the job of being leader of the most powerful nation in the world.

Trump inherited a small fortune in real estate from his father. His father warned Trump not to try to compete in the Manhattan real estate market, but Trump was not to be deterred. He had huge dreams, and a huge ego. He wanted to look up and see “Trump Tower” on a huge skyscraper in Manhattan.

In the period since Trump took over his father’s real estate fortune, Trump has run his businesses into bankruptcy 4 times. Each time, he used the bankruptcy process to avoid legal debts and reemerge with a new plan to run a solvent company. Trump has proven he can’t run a solvent company without using the bankruptcy courts. If his personal worth is indeed in the neighborhood of $9 billion, it is the type of fortune that my father taught me to avoid. An honest man pays his debts, and does not create a personal fortune by refusing to pay his honest creditors.

I won’t even comment on Trump’s personal life,

Donald Trump has no policy platform because he is not a real politician. He is a guy who has created the “Trump brand” and he is playing it for all that it’s worth. He has discovered that calling Mexicans rapists and killers gets a positive response from racist elements of the Republican party, so now he is talking of almost nothing but the terrible things he would do to Mexico. He is going to ride this anti-Mexico tirade as far as it will take him. Trump reportedly told a Hollywood audience this weekend that the U.S. should have invaded Mexico instead of Iraq.

This is a man you would vote for to be President?

Trump claims he would build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. He claims he will make the Mexicans pay for the wall (how, pray tell, short of a war?). He claims he will force the Mexicans to pay huge tariffs on cars shipped to the U.S., notwithstanding the provisions of NAFTA. Trump says this even though it would be almost impossible for a president to do that because of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). (See Forbes Donald Trump’s Threat To Force Ford To Scrap Expansion Plan In Mexico Very Unlikely Under NAFTA)

Telling falsehoods doesn’t bother Trump. He was an Obama “truther” and claimed he sent investigators to Hawaii to search for Obama’s birth certificate, but this was later proven false. Trump still will not admit that President Obama is an American citizen.

In short, Trump is a buffoon. If you need further evidence of that fact please read the following articles.

America’s founders would fire The Donald: Bill Walker (Opinion) 12, 2015

‘Not Serious Politics': Krauthammer Dismisses ‘Rodeo Clown

Daily Caller-Jul 6, 2015

Keller @ Large: Don’t Take Trump’s Poll Numbers Seriously

CBS Local-13 hours ago

Paul Krugman: Donald Trump is ‘a belligerent, loudmouth racist with

Business Insider-Jul 14, 2015

‘We need global warming’ and five other shocks from Donald Trump

The Week UK-12 hours ago

Is Obama qualified to be President?

This section doesn’t require much time. If anyone disagrees, let them do their own research instead of me wasting more time on this commentary.

Obama went to law school and was, thus, trained in the way our government works. In fact, he is considered a Constitutional scholar.

Obama served as a law professor from 1992 until his election to the U.S. Senate in 2004.

Obama served in the Illinois state senate from 1997 to 2004.

Obama served in the U.S. Senate from 2005 to 2008.

In contrast to President Obama’s law degree, his twelve years teaching law, his seven years in the Illinois senate, and his three years as a U.S. Senator, our former Pres. George W. Bush served four years as governor of Texas and was part owner of the Texas Rangers baseball team.

Some people don’t like Obama, and some people believe everything they see on Fox News, but President Obama has better qualifications to be president than any president since Richard Nixon (who was a traitor, but he was a traitor with qualifications).

That’s all I’ve got to say about Trump v. Obama. But I do have something to say about Fox News.

To those of you who watch Fox News, please stop. It just misinforms you and creates problems when you discuss issues with people who get their news from real sources such as the New York Times, NPR, and Sunday morning talk shows. Don’t believe me. Check out the Forbes article “Fox News Viewers Uninformed, NPR Listeners Not, Poll Suggests.

Or this article from, the website of one of the nation’s top journalism schools: “Survey: NPR’s listeners best-informed, Fox viewers worst-informed.

Still unpersuaded? Then check out this graphic showing that watching Fox news makes you less informed than watching no news.

Fox dumb graphic

To sum up, Trump is a buffoon; Obama is well qualified to be president.

Apple eBooks Class Action Settlement Notice

This is a copy of the class action notice that was emailed to me September 4, 2013 giving me notice of the settlement of the Apple eBook class action lawsuit.

Read the class action notice and see if you are a class member and whether you are entitled to benefits under the Apple eBook class action settlement.

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